Public Art 101

A series of professional development workshops

The Project

Public Art 101 is a series of professional development workshops designed for artists and members of community groups and commissioning bodies who would like to learn what it takes to create  a successful public art project. These workshops will be led by Dawn van de Schoot, an experienced public art project lead with Calgary Arts Development.

Workshop topics are based on requests from the community and are intended to demystify the public art process in all phases of development — applications, budgets, community engagement, fabrication and more. These in-person sessions are free with registration and open to all who are interested in attending. Each session will have a formal presentation, time for Q&A and an informal networking period afterwards. Session presentations will be recorded and made available on our website after the event (no registration required for viewing).

Alongside the workshop series, Calgary Arts Development is developing the Public Art 101 cohort. This is a more specialized training program for emerging local public artists with a focus on mentorship and career development, with unique project opportunities specific to the group. More details about the cohort will be available later this year.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • May 15, 2024 – Budgeting for Public Art: This session will explore the unique budgeting process in Public Art. We’ll examine the best practices for managing Public Art projects. Register here.
  • June 12, 2024 – The Utility Box Program: Celebrate the much-loved Utility Box Program, from its beginnings as a graffiti abatement program to its current role as community connector and the other programs it has inspired. Register here.

Previous Sessions:

  • February 28, 2024 – The Five Ws of Public Art: Meet the Public Art team at Calgary Arts Development, learn about what we’re working on and explore the future of public art in Calgary.
  • March 27, 2024 – The Public Art Process: Designed for artists, community groups and commissioning bodies, this workshop will provide an outline of the steps from A-Z of building a successful public art project.