Public Art Assessor Nomination

Calgary Arts Development seeks artists, arts workers, and community members to serve as assessors for our public art programs.

Selection is ongoing throughout the year, however, we are unable to use all individuals nominated on our committees. Completion of this form does not guarantee you will be contacted by Calgary Arts Development to participate.

Calgary Arts Development seeks artists, arts workers, and community members to serve as selection committee members for our public art program. The membership of each assessment committee will be defined in our public art grant guidelines, calls for qualifications, and call for proposals.  

The composition of a selection committee is based on the specific requirements and needs of a project or program.  Selection committees are designed to reflect and respect the broad diversity of Calgary, its artistic and cultural communities, and the identities we hold.

Assessors are expected to commit to Calgary Arts Development’s Group Agreements and sign our Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Agreements.

Assessors will be expected to rigorously consider applications, meet as a group with Calgary Arts Development staff, and contribute to thoughtful conversations in their evaluation of applications.

Assessors are typically asked to commit to the below. Schedules are determined based on program timelines and committee availability, and may include evenings, weekdays, and weekends.

  • One information and orientation session (up to three hours).
  • Up to four weeks to read and evaluate applications online, depending on project/program timelines.
  • Up to two days of committee meetings, depending on project/program timelines.

Calgary Arts Development provides an honorarium to assessors as a gift to recognize their time. The honorarium will be provided to assessors after the review process is completed, and honorarium rates depend on the program requirements.

Please Note: We are unable to work with all individuals who may self-nominate for selection committees. Completion of this form does not guarantee you will be contacted by Calgary Arts Development to participate. We thank you for your interest.

Qualifications & Required Skills

Public art selection committees are made up of groups of artistic industry professionals, artistic peers (artists), as well as community members.

Artistic Industry Professionals: Professions with direct and relevant knowledge and experience in aspects of public art, its creation, production and conservation including: architects, landscape architects, design professionals, museum and gallery professionals, art educators and historians, and others.

Artistic Peers: Artists active in Calgary’s artistic communities with professional experience, skills, and knowledge directly relevant to public art creation and delivery.

Community Members: Individuals with an appreciation for the arts (any discipline but particularly visual art) and attend and support these artistic activities in the community. Community members should possess skills that are transferable to public art, including, but not limited to:

  • Appreciation of visual art and understanding of artistic process
  • Understanding of basic principles of design, construction or fabrication processes, engineering, or architecture.
  • Understanding of planning and project management
  • Understanding of creation within the broader creative and cultural industries (film, media and communications, digital sector, etc.).
  • Understanding of community engagement and/or community development.
  • Understanding of socially engaged artistic practices.

Additional Skills

  • Relevant skills, experience, and knowledge that will accommodate the range of projects to be assessed.
  • A generous spirit, exceptional listening skills and a willingness and ability to embrace change, complexity and different viewpoints.
  • An openness to productively and respectfully check in with bias.
  • An understanding and awareness of Calgary and region, and an insight into our social and cultural climate.
  • The respect of peers in the community.
  • The ability to function well within a committee structure.

Contact with any questions about the assessment process.

Assessor Nomination for Public Art
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