CreativeCITY: Prosperity through the Creative Economy Strategic Guidebook

CreativeCITY is a collaboration of not-for-profit, for-profit, and public-sector organizations and individuals committed to the flourishing of Calgary’s creative economy. We know maximizing the potential of the local creative economy serves the ultimate goal of making Calgary Canada’s most livable city.

The CreativeCITY steering committee worked over several months from 2020 to 2021 to develop a plan. The four strategic pillars of this plan were subsequently reviewed, discussed, dissected and tested by 500-plus Calgarians in the creative economy over the course of 2022. This document is the culmination of that work, presenting a revised, more detailed, action-oriented plan. With the support of partners, Calgary Arts Development and Calgary Economic Development are the stewards of this plan — supporting the development and engagement process financially, but also championing this work into the future.

This guidebook is meant to be used in conversation with municipal, provincial and federal partners, and by anyone looking to grow Calgary’s creative economy. It can also form the basis for new relationships between existing creative economy players — it offers a basis for alignment of intentions, purposes and activities. It provides formal recommendations for actions, policies, and community and industry interventions to support human, environmental, social and economic prosperity through the creative economy. We look forward to seeing these words become action as we all make Calgary Canada’s most livable city, not only today, but for generations.

Download the full Creative Economy Strategic Guidebook here:

CreativeCITY: Prosperity through the Creative Economy Strategic Guidebook