Living a Creative Life: Success Indicator Baseline Report

Living a Creative Life is a strategy for Calgary, by Calgarians.

Over 1,000 voices have contributed to the arts development strategy outlined here, and we hope that thousands more will join them to undertake the work and realize the outcomes in the years to come.

Living a Creative Life includes success indicators for each focus area. These are systems-level measurements that are evaluated over periods of time to track whether progress is being made towards the strategy’s outcomes.

In 2014, the Success Indicator Baseline Report was published as a starting point, knowing that future success indicator reports would compare their measurements against these original baselines. This 2019 report provides updated data for each indicator, using the most complete information available at the time.

As success indicator measurements progress, indicator results sometimes change as new sources of data or new signatories contribute further information. This report notes when new data is included and when new sources of data are contributing to the growth measured for any specific indicator.

Some baseline indicators have been omitted because of a lack of data sources; Calgary Arts Development continues to seek and draw from data sources for all indicators when available.

Download the 2019 Success Indicator Baseline Report:

Living a Creative Life: Success Indicator Baseline Report 2019 update cover