Organization Structural Change Grant

BLVE Consults
Originally published on March 11, 2022
Updated on October 5, 2022

In 2021, Calgary Arts Development engaged Brian Loevner of BLVE Consults to undertake an evaluation and live case study of the Organization Structural Change Grant

The arms-length nature of this process is an effort to ensure the analysis and recommendations of the case study are free from staff bias, and reflect an accurate assessment of the program intent, process and impact. 

The first phase of this case study was published in March 2022.

Opportunity Creation Process Narrative

Through conversations with Calgary Arts Development staff and other leaders in the arts sector, the first phase of this work focused on the inception of the Organization Structural Change Grant, including the development, design and implementation of the program. The report outlines challenges, identifies issues and realities, and offers generative recommendations and suggestions for what the future of the program could look like. 

Download the full publication here:

Organization Structural Change a short history graphic


April/May 2022 Update 

This update includes a video interview with Melissa Tuplin, Director of Community Investment & Impact, and a case study update report outlining discoveries from interview with Organizational Structural Change program grantees.

Click here to view the video and case study: April/May 2022 Update

June/July 2022 Update

This update includes a video interview with Jennifer Martin, former interim CEO of Beakerhead, discussing the process that led to the merger between Telus Spark and Beakerhead in April 2022. The written report outlines different models of transformation and change work undertaken by Organization Structural Change grantees.

Click here to view the video and case study: June/July 2022 Update