A portrait of Samuel Obadero
Samuel Obadero | Photo: Courtesy of Samuel Obadero

Samuel Obadero

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society New Canadian Artist Award-winner shares his story

Cherie McMaster

Samuel Obadero is a skilled lifestyle photographer and a strong new voice for social advocacy in Calgary.

Receiving the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society New Canadian Artist Award at the 2019 Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions, his current project, The Forgotten Ones, gives voice to marginalized groups in Calgary through powerful imagery.

“I love people. I love to tell stories of people,” he explains. “I love uncontrolled environments. I just want to fade in and fade out—just freeze time and just tell the story from how I see it. It has been the hallmark of how I do portraits, how I do weddings, how I do documentaries, it’s just the way I operate. I like to tell the stories without additions or subtractions.”

Tune in to hear more about who he is and how Calgary became his home in this edition of The Storytelling Podcast.

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