Dancers perform Indian classical dance during the annual Natyanjali Dance Festival of Canada
Natyanjali Dance Festival of Canada, presented by the Sri Anagha Datta Society of Calgary | Photo: Sohail Kasif

Sri Anagha Datta Society

Centuries old, Indian classical arts continues to thrive, even in Calgary

Cherie McMaster

Encouraging cultural, spiritual, and religious activities, Sri Anagha Datta Society of Calgary also supports several local schools teaching Indian classical arts and supports the Natyanjali Dance Festival of Canada.

Sharing their story, Lalitha Dwivedula and Shailesh Bhagawatula sit down to chat about the festival’s history and the importance of cultural and artistic exchange.

“Coming from India, we see a lot more diversity out there because each state has a different language, a different culture, different traditions,” says Bhagawatula. “When we came to Calgary, we found that there would be small pockets of 40 families, 50 families, from each of these provinces who have found home in Calgary and were meeting three or four times a year. And each of those communities were trying to bring their cultures, and teach their children, about their origins.”

Bringing it all together on a large stage, this annual classical dance festival encourages students to participate and showcase the art and cultural heritage of India. Tune into the next edition of The Storytelling Podcast to learn more.

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