Caitlyn Ducasse

Staff & Board Category: Board of Directors

A photo of Caitlyn Ducasse
Caitlyn Ducasse | Photo: Samuel Obadero

Caitlyn Ducasse

VP Finance & Administration, PK Sound Corp.

I have a passion for the arts and frequently attend various music venues and shows around the city. I enjoy contributing to Calgary’s vibrant art and music scene by supporting local small businesses and artists, and by assisting with grant applications, bookkeeping, and business registrations.

I want to see artists succeed and arts careers to be regarded as valued professions with similar benefits to those working a nine to five career. I support building resiliency in artists by providing learning resources to help artists develop their capacity to market themselves and their work. I am interested in exploring what will help create a sustainable and viable working environment and landscape for artists to do their art and make a living.

By being on the Calgary Arts Development board, my goal is to advocate so artists can continue to dedicate their time to creativity, not figuring out how to pay their bills.

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