Kathleen McNally-Leitch

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A photo of Kathleen McNally-Leitch
Kathleen McNally-Leitch | Photo: Samuel Obadero

Kathleen McNally-Leitch

Vice Chair, Big Rock Brewery

I am passionate about the arts. I am also omnivorous. Theatre, opera, galleries, poetry readings, dance all inspire me. The rich expression of our humanity through the arts draws us together as a community. As a physically disabled person, I have always found the Calgary art scene accessible. From the seating in theatres to the heart pounding thrill of appearing as an extra in a mainstage production of the Calgary Opera, art has welcomed me.

Calgary brims with a vital and diverse art scene. I feel privileged to be part of this city, to be on the Calgary Arts Development board and supporting the artists who inspire us by opening new worlds. Who would have thought that a Mozart opera would have a place for a wheelchair extra? Calgary Opera found one!

It is this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that artists facilitate. By extension, Calgary Arts Development’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility gives all artists the opportunity to speak to us. As a city challenged by so many forces, more than ever we need to support the creative spirits who sustain us. Their talent and generosity will lead us through these dark times.

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