Individual Artist Program

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to announce the results of the Individual Artist Program. This program is intended to support all aspects of an artist’s practice and artistic goals by removing financial barriers. We believe that investing in individual artists’ practices is fundamental to ensuring that the city of Calgary is home to a vibrant arts community and for Calgarians to have access to meaningful artistic experiences.

We received an extremely significant amount of interest and a record number of applicants to this program. 281 eligible applications totalling requests of $2,390,000 were assessed, and the funding pool of $300,000 was invested in 33 artists.

Applications were assessed according to the criteria of artistic impact, public impact, innovation/learning, and planning. As part of our responsibility to Calgarians to ensure equitable access to public funding, Calgary Arts Development is dedicated to addressing and working to eliminate institutional inequity in our programs, policies, and practices. For more information about the assessment process for this program, please refer to the Individual Artist Program Terms of Reference.

Artist Discipline Grant Amount
Lanre Ajayi Visual Arts $10,000
Laura Anzola Film & Media Arts $10,000
Dana Buzzee Visual Arts $10,000
Ethan Cole Multidisciplinary Practice $10,000
Jason de Haan Visual Arts $10,000
Colin Dingwall Theatre $10,000
Nii Gyamfi Music & Sound $10,000
Mark Kunji Ikeda Dance $10,000
Sasha Ivanochko Dance $10,000
Kevin Jesuino Theatre $10,000
Nine Kennedy Curation $5,000
Miranda Krogstad Multidisciplinary Practice $10,000
Kerry Maguire Multidisciplinary Practice $10,000
Justin Many Fingers Indigenous Arts $10,000
Sushree Mishra Dance $10,000
Sylvie Moquin Dance $10,000
Al Muirhead Music & Sound $10,000
Melanee Murray-Hunt Theatre $10,000
Jay Northcott Theatre $10,000
Alycia Pirmohamed Literature $10,000
Jenna Rodgers Theatre $5,000
Elmira Sarreshtehdari Visual Arts $5,000
Sharon Stevens Multidisciplinary Practice $10,000
Teresa Tam Visual Arts $5,000
Michelle Thrush Indigenous Arts $10,000
Su Lin Tseng Dance $5,000
Fatemeh Tara Vahab Visual Arts $10,000
Malavika Venkatsubbaiah Dance $10,000
Sandra Vida Visual Arts $10,000
Javier Vilalta Visual Arts $10,000
Matthew Waddell Digital Arts $10,000
Elaine Weryshko Theatre $10,000
Nicole Kelly Westman Visual Arts $5,000