Individual Artist Program

Applications currently closed

Deadline: May 25, 2018, 4:30pm MST
Applications Open:
February 5, 2018

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to announce a new investment program for individual artists. We believe that investing in individual artists’ practices is fundamental to ensuring that the city of Calgary is home to a vibrant arts community and for Calgarians to have access to meaningful artistic experiences.

This program is intended to support all aspects of an artist’s practice and artistic goals by removing financial barriers.

Funds from this program may go towards almost any combination of activities related to an artist’s practice, including development and creation of work, professional development and learning, and innovation or risk-taking.

Artists may apply for a set grant of either $5,000 or $10,000. The total pool of funding for this program is $300,000.

Activities using funds directed from this program must be complete by May 31, 2019.

Timeline Update

The Community Investment team is expecting to receive a much larger number of applications to the Individual Artist Program than estimated. Based on the volume of applications, and in order to meaningfully assess this program, notifications for this program will be delayed.

Notifications will be delivered via email to applicants no later than September 3, 2018.

The role of peer assessors to review applications is key to the integrity and effectiveness of this process. In recognition of this valuable contribution, Calgary Arts Development is transitioning towards equitable compensation for those who will to give their time to review and participate in the jury process. For the first time in this process, we will be adjusting our reading rates and meeting fees to reflect minimum wage, and including robust training related to bias, equity, diversity and inclusion.

We are seeking assessors for the Individual Artist Program. Calgary Arts Development optimizes the composition of the Assessment Committee to ensure that it represents a diversity of specializations, artistic practices, backgrounds, and perspectives. Assessors should have an exemplary track record of professional, business or community-minded ethics and a strong commitment to the continued growth and vitality of the arts in Calgary.

Assessors must be available during the assessment period of June 1 to September 3, 2018. The expected workload will be up to 100 hours of reading, in addition to an orientation session and up to three days of in-person meetings.

To nominate an assessor for this program, please complete the Assessor Nomination Form.

Please contact the Community Investment team with any questions at or 403.476.2031.

Who Can Apply?

This program is open to individual artists (1) in the city of Calgary (2) working in any artistic discipline.

We welcome applications from those working in all artistic disciplines and their various cultural forms, including: Indigenous arts; circus arts; curation; craft arts; dance; deaf and disability arts; digital arts; literature; film and media arts; multidisciplinary practice; music and sound; theatre; and visual arts.

Artists may choose to use their grant for any aspect of their artistic practice, including work undertaken as part of an artist collective, group, or organization, however the application must be centred around the individual artist’s artistic practice and goals.

(1) This program is not intended to support amateur artists or arts administrators.
(2) Applicants living outside of Calgary may apply if they can demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a majority of activities that contribute to the Calgary arts community and are accessible to Calgarians.


Budget Template
Program Guidelines


Please read the program guidelines carefully before beginning your application. The section titled How to Design Your Application will give you some context and questions to consider.

Please refer to the Investment Program FAQs or contact the Community Investment team at 403.476.2031 or with any questions.

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