Individual Artist Program

Individual Artist Program

The intention of this program is to support the artist’s overall practice rather than focusing investment on distinct project outcomes or artistic outputs. We believe that removing financial barriers for artists to dedicate time, resources, and energy on their daily artistic practice creates the conditions necessary for the artist to create meaningful artistic work, experiences, and relationships within the city of Calgary.

Phase 1 had a total of 205 eligible applicants and Phase 2 had a total of 40 eligible applicants. 10 artists were granted a set amount of $30,000.

For more information about the assessment process for this program, please refer to the Individual Artist Program Terms of Reference.

Artist Discipline Grant Amount
Alana Bartol Visual Arts $30,000
Clem Martini Literature $30,000
Dwight Farahat Indigenous Arts $30,000
Elaine Weryshko Performance $30,000
Jessie Short Multidisciplinary Practice $30,000
Joshua Whitehead Indigenous Arts $30,000
Julya Hajnoczky Visual Arts $30,000
Landon Krentz Deaf Theatre $30,000
Marshall Vielle Theatre $30,000
Teresa Tam Visual Arts $30,000

Past Results
Individual Artist Program 2018
Accountability Reports and Year-End Financials

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