Individual Artist Program

The intention of this program is to support the artist’s overall practice rather than focusing investment on distinct project outcomes or artistic outputs. We believe that removing financial barriers for artists to dedicate time, resources,…Read more

OG+ Program

In 2019, the OG+ sub-program provided one-time funding to organizations funded through the Operating Grant program. Applicants were assessed in four streams. The total amount requested was $5,278,753.50. 126 organizations were funded to a total…Read more

Organizational Access Program

This program is intended to provide equitable access to operational funding to those organizations who were not recipients of the Operating Grant 2018. These organizations have been streamed into the Operating Grant program in 2020.…Read more

Original Peoples Investment Program

The Original Peoples Investment Program (OPIP) supports the preservation and revitalization of First Nation/Métis/Inuit (FNMI) art through art-based projects and activities that are supported and validated by FNMI artists, community, Elders, and Knowledge Keepers. This…Read more

Project Grant Program – Organizations

This program is intended to provide equitable access to one-time project funding on a yearly basis to arts organizations not funded through the Operating Grant or City-Builder programs from 2019 onwards. It supports projects that exemplify what our…Read more