Original Peoples Investment Program

Original Peoples Investment Program

The Original Peoples Investment Program (OPIP) supports the preservation and revitalization of First Nation/Métis/Inuit (FNMI) art through art-based projects and activities that are supported and validated by FNMI artists, community, Elders, and Knowledge Keepers.

This year, 41 projects were funded to a total of $389,441.65. Applications were assessed for eligibility and shared within the Community Circle of OPIP artists and applicants on May 4, 2019.

The Community Circle is unique as part of the Indigenous-led granting process as it allows the applicants to use a sharing circle to connect with and learn from other local Indigenous artists. OPIP was a great success for 2019 based on the growing trust and increase in investments to Indigenous artists within our community.

Our applicants this year reflect the diversity of Treaty 7 and Calgary (known as Mohkinstsis in Blackfoot) First Nations, Métis, and Inuit artists. As we prepare for our second year of OPIP we anticipate greater interest and applications in 2020.

Explore some of the funded projects as part of the Original Peoples Investment Program Showcase.

The table below outlines those that received a grant, the project they applied for, and the amount of funding.

Grantee Project Grant Amount
Adrian A Stimson Mohkintsis/Siksika – Connecting through ART and
The Land
Aleegis Oral Based Language $5,500
Alexandra Manitopyes In the Land of the Rising Sun $10,000
Alyssa Duck Chief Summer Art Program $10,000
Amy Hill Craddle-boards $10,000
Andrew James Stockell Black Guitars & Backward Hats $10,000
Andy Moro ROOM $10,000
Angel (Aubichon) Sanderson Akam’askihy (Across The Land and Seas) $10,000
Autumn Whiteway Reclaiming Our History $10,000
Azby Whitecalf Whistleblower and the Memegwesi Children’s Storybook $6,151.65
Berkley Brady Untitled Stampede Project $10,000
Camille Pablo Russell Be Like A Buffalo, Face the Storm Phase 1. Four animated film shorts with Elder Pablo Russell. $10,000
Chantal Chagnon Creating Community through the Heartbeat of Mother Earth $10,000
Cowboy Smithx Elk Shadow $10,000
Curtis Lefthand Hold Your Ground – Indigenous Identity in Hardcore Punk $10,000
Dwight Farahat Writing and Recording Dwight Farahat’s – Hip Hop Album $10,000
Elijah Wells Six portrait paintings $10,000
Glenna Cardinal Isuu (prev. Indigenous Grandmothers) $10,000
Indigenous Resilience in Music Society of Alberta The Indigenous Resilience in Music Season of Professional Development $10,000
Jared Tailfeathers Instrument Making through Traditional Methods $9,835
Jason Gordon The Missing Rose $10,000
Jessica Mcmann Composition Project $10,000
Jonelle Belcourt Kohkum & The Hunt $10,000
Justin Many Fingers Niitsipowsiin development workshop $10,000
Kelli Rae Morning Bull Treaty Money $10,000
Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society Twin Spirited Celebration $10,000
Marcie Meguinis; TwoGuns Designs Embroidery Art Showcase $9,400
Migration Festival Migration Festival $10,000
Native Diva Creations Indig Inc Tokyo trade mission $7,350
Sam Bighetty The Spiritual Journey Behind The Four Directions of Reconciliation $10,000
Sandra Sutter Cluster Stars Outreach $10,000
Sarah Houle Lowry The Act of Dreaming $9,950
Seth Dodginghorse Nadisnoni Cowa Gut’i $10,000
Staci Duchene The Stories are my Medicine $6,755
Stacy Da Silva Haute Natives $10,000
Stoney Nakoda Audio Visual Club Win’ge’he Ahiya (Raising a Song) Musical Film $10,000
Tamara Cardinal Mekinawewin: to give a gift $10,000
Tara Beagan Goal Keeper $4,500
Tracy Breaker Buffalo Spirit Expansion Project $10,000
Trevor Solway Sandhills $10,000
Yvette Denby; Breann and Kaleena Denby CD Project Carrying Forward Traditions $10,000

Accountability Reports and Year-End Financials

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