A photo of Olivia Golosky wearing bright red lipstick and a ponytail

Olivia Golosky

A proud Métis, Olivia Golosky is a two-spirit artist from Treaty 8, Fort McMurray, with a background in theatre, film, radio, and music festival production.

Achiru Wong wearing cat ears and a tail while holding a magic wand

Achiru Wong

Achiru Wong has been creating webcomics since 2002 and acts as the artist, writer, and director of her own meta-physical comic production studio.

Sisay Shimeles sits in front of his work in the International Avenue BRT shelter adjacent to 52nd St. SE

Sisay Shimeles

Sisay Shimeles studied art at the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia and has participated in several group exhibitions and community-oriented projects.

Lanre Ajayi paints a bright and colourful canvas

Lanre Ajayi

Lanre Ajayi is an emerging Nigerian artist and fashion designer based in Calgary. He is driven to develop and launch his ethical fashion line in Canada.

A black and white photo of Ami Kenzo

Ami Kenzo

Ami Kenzo is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and activist. A self-proclaimed harvester of stories, unique experiences fuel her passion for advocacy.


Spring is on the way. Spring is on the way. Spring is .....
Drawing with a line of wool has become a way to balance my thoughts. It is the simple daily acts that help us go forward in times of stress. What brings you to a moment that makes you smile?

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Skill #2 in the path to resilience has been posted. As I mentioned it before one of my day jobs is the coordinator for the Hear/d Art residency at AUArtsSA . I love working with university students create art work that explores their mental health and their path to resilience. I love mentoring emerging artists to thrive in their art practice not just mere survive. It is work that fills me to the rim and I will always work towards empowering of others . I have had the privilege of given this opportunity of@making a difference and I take that seriously . My own art and my own journey have given me a skill set that I hope is of serve to other artists and people in general. Have a listen to the self talk video and share your thoughts and observations.
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**ABOUT OUR REAL TALK ARTIST SALON (ONLINE)** This salon is for anyone interested in learning how to recognize domestic violence, understand its impact on an individual and the community, and develop comfort in responding to domestic violence disclosures, including providing appropriate support and referrals to services. After our production of Between Us, we thought it was only fitting to introduce you to the outstanding work sagessecalgary does in our community.
To RSVP, e-mail info@handsomealice.com to receive the online access to the webinar.
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I made this style of #postcard eons ago. I was playing around with colour and pattern then threw the text on as an afterthought.
I struggle with quotes and phrases, but I like ambiguous word pairings that can have multiple meanings. I thought the idea of having this written on a postcard was particularly entertaining. Now it seems painfully appropriate.
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