A photo of a coffee cup sitting on a script of Just Ask

#yycLCL January 2019

Calgary-based actor, writer, and director Christi Dos Santos-Wing shared this photo of her script. Just Ask is currently in production through Herland.

An image of three plein air sketches

#yycLCL October 2018

Learning to express through art is hard work. For Annette Resler, an artist who draws, paints, and writes, living a creative life helps to connect the dots.

A photo of two different types of concrete connected with tar on a sidewalk

#yycLCL August 2018

Calgary-based scribbler and scrawler Helen Hajnoczky shares a moving story along with her capture of a cracked, and repaired, sidewalk.

A photo of orange and yellow paintings on old CDs

#yycLCL July 2018

Community art facilitator Wendy Lees likes to use recycled or re-purposed materials as much as possible and can be found creating outside the Central Library.

A multiple exposure image of a cypher by David Youn

#yycLCL June 2018

Pursuing art for the last few years, David Youn is a local photographer who creates dynamic narratives in single frame two-dimensional images.


Afternoon walk. 4 pm. Sunset lasts for almost 2 hours. ...

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This past Tuesday on #HumanRightsDay we celebrated with actiondignity alongside #yycartists they are collaborating with in the CalgaryArtsDev Artist As Changemaker program. We heard so many great stories, had deep conversations, & created amazing art! Artist As Changemaker is a 4 months residency pilot program curated by artists to help illuminate, elevate, and expedite the capacity of artists to create meaningful social change. #MRUchangemakers #yycLCL ...

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Looking for a great gift for the sports + theatre fan in your life?! In 90 hilarious minutes, two dads and their sons talk culture, hockey, relationships and what it means to WIN. Men Express Their Feelings by sunny_drake - TICKETS ON SALE! Link in bio. Media Buzz from Sunny’s previous works: "Charming and disarmingly clever…" (Gsene, UK) “Dazzling, unique, creative and innovative" (Calgary Sun) #menexpresstheirfeelings #hockeyculture #comedy #yyctheatre #treaty7 #yycart #yyclcl ...

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Come check us out the cSPACE farmersmakersmarket tomorrow!! ...

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