A photo of Paula Timm

Paula Timm

Visual artist, arts instructor, and community collaborator, Paula Timm encourages people to make a mark in the Creative Wellness Program.

A photo of Wunmi Idowu

Wunmi Idowu

The one and only, Wunmi Idowu works towards equipping Black artists with the tools needed in order to succeed in Calgary’s arts sector.

A promo photo of Perpetual Atife with her saxophone

Perpetual Atife

Perpetual Atife is constantly carving expressive means to weave pieces of her life’s experiences and dreams into an open box of treasure—her music.

A photo of Pushkala Subramani in front of a fountain

Pushkala Subramani

For Pushkala Subramani, creativity is like a bud that is inside all of us. With children, its bursting to blossom—all it takes is a kindling of self-confidence.

Agnes Chen holds her baby in a green field

Agnes Chen

For Agnes Chen living a creative life means seeking out unique opportunities to connect community to stories of hope and resilience.