Agnes Chen holds her baby in a green field

Agnes Chen

For Agnes Chen living a creative life means seeking out unique opportunities to connect community to stories of hope and resilience.

A photo of Alex Sarian

Alex Sarian

Coming to Calgary via New York City, Alex Sarian has worked with artists and arts organizations in 15 countries spanning five continents.

A photo of Lalit Jain at Everest Base Camp

Lalit Jain

Lalit Jain believes yoga provides an avenue to tap into the abundant creativity that resides within each of us, unifying body, breath, and mind.

Gayathri Shukla sitting next to a mountain lake

Gayathri Shukla

Gayathri Shukla knows the importance of storytelling and how story crafting allows her to be her authentic self. Tune into this week’s podcast to hear her story.

A photo of Kayla Browne dressed in bright and stylish colours

Kayla Browne

Kayla Browne decided that if the choice was to blend in to get along or to take a stand, she was going make architecture a brighter place.


Can you believe Green Fools News premieres tomorrow? Before then We want to introduce you to Lee one of our writers on Green Fools News!

Lee Zimmerman, aka the Puppet Guy, has been creating and performing with puppets all over the world, from Canada to Singapore. He began performing his rock and roll marionette show in 1983 while earning a degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Lee took his show to California in 1990, where he quickly became a regular at The Improv and Laugh Factory comedy clubs in Hollywood and Las Vegas and in 1993, he created a show for Universal Studios CityWalk Attraction that ran for the next nine years: "Hollywoodstock."He's appeared in several films, including "Eddy Presley" with Quentin Tarantino and worked for numerous television shows, including "Seinfeld" and "The Drew Carey Show." Lee's also done command performances for many celebrities and dignitaries, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Hefner, Frank Zappa, KISS, Guns n' Roses and the Sultan of Brunei.

Since 1998, Lee's been working as an Instructor/Performer with several circus arts programs, including the Green Fools Social Circus programs and the Winnipeg International Children's Festival's Circus And Magic Partnership (CAMP) in Manitoba.

Join us tomorrow for the Green Fools News Drive-In telus_spark! Tickets are $25 per vehicle and the show starts at 3pm.
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How does a theatre company makes a kids TV show? Meet Joel Goundry and the team at RoadwestPictures! They took Green Fools News to the next level with their film expertize.

As a Calgary-based video production house focused on creative, entertaining and engaging content, our projects vary widely, and range from a documentary series about Caregiving, to promotional material for the egg industry, to fundraising material for the Calgary Public Library Foundation. Through all of this, what we value most are the connections we make - the connections that make us dig deeper to really understand. Joel Goundry, the company’s Artistic Producer & Production Manager, has a background in children’s entertainment, having run a touring children’s theatre company in Calgary for 10 years prior to entering film. Roadwest’s work has spanned many genres and approaches, and Joel’s recent work producing the 13-episode documentary web-series Being There (produced in participation with TELUS Fund) speaks to the integrity of his work: on projects dealing with emotionally sensitive subjects and participants, it is the relationship between collaborators that Joel feels is so important. Since its inception, Roadwest is very familiar with the necessary aspects to see a project through to completion, and highly values creating an emotionally impactful and visually strong final product.

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