A black and white photo of Colin Way

Colin Way

This time on Village Radio, Dave Kelly talks with Colin Way about travel, school, and his road to professional photography.

Tet Millare speaks at the 2016 Calgary Dyke and Trans March

Tet Millare

Tet Millare doesn’t live a creative life. She lives as many of them as she possibly can, simultaneously. All aspects of Millare’s life are infused with creativity.

A black and white photo of a man in a hat and sunglasses in front of a black cube truck.

Baran Faber

From the adage if you build it, they will come, BassBus was born. This week on Village Radio, Baran Faber tells Dave Kelly about his journey.

Portrait of a woman with curly hair and a red scarf.

Lori Beattie

Entrepreneurial thinking requires a lot of different personality traits but there’s little doubt it also requires creative thinking.

A headshot of a man in a brightly coloured shirt.

Neil Zeller

Village Radio sits down with Neil Zeller, a photographer who focuses on capturing the ‘best sides’ of everything he points his camera at.