Calgary’s Creative Film & Broadcast Economy Workshop

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Calgary’s Creative Film & Broadcast Economy Workshop

With Luke Azevedo

Location: Online workshop
Thursday, March 24, 2022
Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm MT
Cost: Free

Influence the future of Calgary’s creative economy by joining a CreativeCITY workshop led by Luke Azevedo of Calgary Economic Development.

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About this Event

CreativeCITY has proposed four strategic pillars to guide the growth of Calgary’s creative economy. We need to know if these pillars speak to creatives and creative enterprises across Calgary. Voice your take during one of our workshops.

Our Four Strategic Pillars

Embed audacious creativity into our city’s DNA

To fully leverage the robust, growing creative economy in Calgary, creativity needs to be at the heart of everything we do as a city.

Incubate creative collisions

Unifying our creative economy under one identity requires creating conditions for collaboration, cross-sector partnerships, knowledge transfer, and resource sharing.

Mobilize Calgary’s creative capacity

To develop and retain Calgary’s exceptional creative talent, we must work to ensure creative professionals, new or seasoned, have the knowledge, skills and resources required to succeed.

Value the diversity of Calgary’s creativity

Calgary has an opportunity to tap into the unique perspectives and experiences of our diverse creative class to build something new, authentic, and meaningful for everyone in the city.

What is CreativeCITY?

Since fall 2020, a collaboration of not-for-profit, for-profit, and public-sector organizations and individuals (a.k.a., CreativeCITY) has engaged experts and leaders across diverse areas of Calgary’s creative economy. With sustained support from Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA), we seek a unifying identityfor Calgary’s creative ecosystem.

We published the pretty fantastic CreativeCITY: Prosperity through the Creative Economy Ecosystem Report.

Together, we identified four strategic pillars on which to build Calgary’s creative economy.

Why a Strategic Plan?

Did you know:

  • There were over 12,000 local creative enterprises in Calgary in 2016?
  • That prior to the pandemic, the creative economy was one of the fastest growing economic sectors across the globe?
  • That creative spaces and events actually help attract and retain talented workers?

The potential of Calgary’s creative economy is unmistakable, but the path to continued and growing prosperity requires a strategic plan—one that supports all creatives and creative enterprises. Our ultimate vision is to make Calgary Canada’s most livable city. We know this is possible with a vibrant, energetic creative economy.

Workshops will include a brief introduction to the work of CreativeCITY, a short panel discussion (this one focused on Film & Broadcast), and breakout sessions where your voice takes the lead. The workshop will be recorded to ensure that our team can capture feedback. Anonymity will apply to all comments and and no recordings of attendees in breakout sessions will be made publc.

Unable to Attend?

We will have a brief survey available in March 2022.

Visit for up-to-date information and to explore other workshop options.

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