Cultivating Collective Care in the Arts

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Cultivating Collective Care in the Arts

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Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Time: 12 – 3pm MT
Facilitator: Geraldine Ysselstein (she/her)
Cost: $90 (Discount for individual artists with code: ARTIST30)


Arts and culture can be a place to personally and collectively explore our creativity, thoughts, emotions, stories, connections and imagination. In Canada, arts and culture is often experienced through the arts and culture sector, also called the creative sector or arts ecosystem.

Within the sector, there are many stakeholders including the government, educational institutions, funders, arts organizations, venues, donors, audience members, service organizations, communities, suppliers, volunteers and arts professionals (artists, cultural workers, arts managers and arts leaders).

The general purpose of these stakeholders is to train, invest, advocate and champion the work of arts professionals. They do so because they believe in the value of arts and culture to inspire, to bring together diverse voices and perspectives, to provide a quality life, to attract business investment and to contribute to the economics of a place.

In addition, many of these stakeholders promote arts and culture as a place for collaboration, belonging, well-being and innovation. At the same time, the sector doesn’t talk about the systems of competition, appropriation, burn-out, scarcity and regulation that exist. How do we identify our part in a system that is harmful? How do we heal? How do we be resilient? How do we cultivate collective care?

CULTIVATING COLLECTIVE CARE in the Arts means we put into practice the work of artists beyond the container that holds it, we heal our imaginations, we hold space for multiple perspectives, we creatively bend systems, we practice well-being as expansive, and we define individual and collective care with each-other.

This Webinar will help to:

  • Understand the context for the arts and culture sector challenges
  • Provide a framework for having future conversations about the sector challenges
  • Cultivate individual and collective care as we navigate these sector challenges

Note: The webinar will not discuss the sector challenges specifically, but will provide a framework for future conversations.

Webinar topics will include:

  • How we can know ourselves in the arts
  • How we can invite different perspectives within and into the arts
  • How we can use agreements to support collective care in the arts
  • How we can cultivate systems change within and through the arts
  • How we can differentiate between colonial and decolonial ways in the arts

This webinar also includes:

  • Trauma and resiliency awareness
  • Somatic and creative integrations

The framework for this webinar comes from the Cultivating Safe Spaces (CSS) program developed and shared by Elaine Alec of Naqsmist Storytellers. Geraldine Ysselstein (she/her) is a trained CSS facilitator and facilitates the content with creative and somatic integrations. She is also an artist and consultant working towards art for social justice and systems change within and outside of the arts sector.

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