Update for Calgary Arts Development Grant Investment Programs

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Update for Calgary Arts Development Grant Investment Programs

Calgary Arts Development is continuing to monitor and assess the impact that COVID-19 is having on our arts sector. In these ever-changing and extraordinary circumstances the community investment team is in the process of evaluating how our grant investment programs need to shift to support the community in relevant and responsive ways.

Please see below for updates on each of our grant investment programs, and continue to check our COVID-19 information page for details as they become available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we analyze the situation and develop a response that looks at all stages of the sector’s recovery.

Important Changes to 2020 Programs

Operating Grant Program

The interim report deadline for the Operating Grant Program is March 30, 2020, 4:30pm MDT. Organizations currently funded through this program will receive their base grant funds upon receipt and approval of their interim report. Please note that the report no longer requires mandatory projections for the upcoming fiscal year in recognition of this period of uncertainty and instability.

Calgary Arts Development is reviewing this program in light of the impacts from COVID-19 in order to meet the immediate and medium term needs of arts organizations. The Operating Grant Increase Program will not be opening on April 13, 2020 as intended. Operating Grant clients will be contacted directly with information as soon as it is available and it will also be shared on our website.

Project Grant Program – Organizations & Project Grant Program – Individuals and Collectives

Both Project Grant Programs have been temporarily postponed as we determine the most appropriate way to support individual artists, artist collectives, and organizations who do not receive operational funding. Program guidelines and applications will not be available on the timelines originally published on our website.

Calgary Arts Development is reviewing these programs in light of the impacts from COVID-19 in order to meet the immediate and medium-term needs of the arts sector.

Original Peoples Investment Program

This program was in the midst of the assessment process when the COVID-19 state of emergency occurred. In recognition and respect for the efforts applicants and assessors have undertaken, this program will be assessed and completed as published.

In order to maintain the health and safety of Calgary Arts Development staff and the assessment committee, remote assessment scenarios are being planned. Applicants will be notified of any changes to the program assessment process and timelines as they arise.

COVID-19 Short-Term Relief Funding

Updated March 27, 2020 – As announced at Calgary Arts Development’s March 25, 2020 town hall, $1.15 million has been allocated toward providing immediate relief to some of the arts organizations as well as arts and cultural workers in the most urgent need due to COVID-19 impacts.The short-term relief funding of $1.15 million has been hived off of our future 2020 grant program funding envelopes that had not yet been activated in order to rapidly respond to emerging and urgent needs. These dollars will be directed in two ways:

  1. Arts Organizations
  2. Artists & Cultural Workers

Visit the COVID-19 Short-Term Relief Funding page for more details.

Please contact the community investment team at grants@calgaryartsdevelopment.com with any questions. You can also read our COVID-19 Response FAQs here.

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