City-Builder Program

City-Builder Program

Applications closed

Thank you for your interest in the City-Builder Program. On April 11, 2019, the Calgary Arts Development board of directors approved combining the funding for the City-Builder Program into the OG+ Program for 2019.

The team at Calgary Arts Development wants to ensure we can best support the arts sector through the increase in funding in the best and most sustainable way and we believe this change will result in a more positive impact than the original City-Builder Program.

This change does not alter the amount of funding available, which is still $6.8M for operating grants in 2019.

The intent of the City-Builder Program was to be flexible and adapt to opportunities facing the arts sector but through the process of launching the program, it became clear that those outcomes would not be achievable based on the original program design. We want to demonstrate our own adaptive capacity by making changes when needed in order to better serve the arts sector.

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