Remarkable Experience Accelerator

Remarkable Experience Accelerator

This unique investment program is delivered in partnership with the Calgary Hotel Association. In 2015, the Calgary Hotel Association renewed a three-year commitment to the program and increased the investment to $1,200,000 over the three years. The program develops customized, multi-year investment strategies with arts organizations who present a compelling vision for remarkable experiences that benefit Calgarians and visitors alike.

$366,250 was invested in 2016 with investments in the following organizations:

Beakerhead ($219,000 over three years)
Calgary International Film Festival ($150,000 over three years)
Folk Festival Society of Calgary ($195,000 over three years)
Honens ($130,000 over two years)
Sled Island Arts Fellowship ($160,000 over three years)
Wordfest ($135,500 over two years)

Through the first year’s investment, these organizations boosted Calgary’s reputation as a cultural hotspot, engaging 229,000 attendees, with just under 8% of that audience from out of town. Their activities generated over 1,500 room nights. The Calgary Hotel Association’s $1.2 million Destination Marketing Fund investment over three years allows organizations in the REA program to take the risks they need to grow into sustainable, regional, national and international draws for Calgary, while at the same time improving the experiences that contribute to Calgary’s brand as a cultural tourism destination. In addition to DMF investment, the REA provides development advice based on each organization’s needs and multi-year strategic plan. During 2015-2017 the REA program is also providing support to develop and implement tourism marketing strategies for three of the participating organizations.

Accountability Reports and Year-End Financials

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