Small Experiments Program 2017

Small Experiments Program 2017

The Small Experiments Program invests in low-risk, high-learning experiments demonstrating a clearly identified issue that needs to be addressed, a hypothesis being tested, and a method for collecting information and learning from results.

This program offered a maximum of $3,000 to cover expenses related to each experiment. The total amount of funding available through this program was $85,000.

Title of Experiment Name of Collective Group Individual or Organization Grant Amount
Together Apartment Bradley Dore $1,200
Recursive Improvisational Experiments Emmanuel Ho $1,500
The Butcher Chopping Sequence Todd Kipp $1,500
Pottery & PUSSY – A Responsive Play Lara Schmitz $1,911.60
Cone 6 Soda Firing Experiment Mynthia McDaniel $2,200
Visual Notetaking/Graphic Storytelling Workshop Sam Hester $2,450
Projection Design for Aerial Arts Neurotrauma Tech $2,622.82
B(e)ARING MY BODY Zoong Nguyen $2,750
From Your Mailbox to the Theatre – Audience Engagement through Narrative Verb Theatre $2,780
The CBC Radio Canadian Pop Radio Treatment Justine Vandergrift $2,900
Multi-Colored Multi-Plate Photopolymer Aquatint Etchings Sally Reesman $2,982
Inspiring Hearts Project Alla Guelber & Eily Aurora $3,000
Decentralizing an Outdoor Activity to Engage Older Children Calgary International Children’s Festival $3,000
CPAF in the Community Calgary Performing Arts Festival $3,000
Opera Disrupted Cowtown Opera Company $3,000
Hand to Machine Translation Eveline Kolijn $3,000
Cultivated Inspiration? An Experiment In Scheduled Artist Discipline Joal Kamps $3,000
Bones Muscles Skin: Drawing the Contemporary Classical Figure Linda Rempel $3,000
Performance Aesthetic Transference Linnea Swan $3,000
Participatory Puzzle Lougheed House $3,000
Premium Content – Fluid Casting Workshop Major Matt Mason Collective $3,000
M.O.M – Minkee Opera Music Michelle Minke $3,000
Marimba Redesign for Suitability in Raga Music Experiment Rod Thomas Squance $3,000
A New Anti-Burnout Model Rosanna Terracciano $3,000
M-Body Music Valentina Bertolani & Aura Pon $3,000
Is Delivering Online Puppetry Learning Viable for WPTS? W.P. Puppet Theatre Society $3,000

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