Ramin Eshraghi Yazdi

Ramin Eshraghi Yazdi

Filmmaker Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi made his first experimental film while an economics student and realized that telling cinematic stories is the creative outlet he needs for the many ideas running through his head.

An image of Sarah Good Medicine DJing in front of a laptop pointing at the camera

Sarah Good Medicine

DJ, aspiring B-girl and trans artist Sarah Good Medicine finds it’s often easier to communicate through rap than through conversation. Hear more in this week’s Indigenous Stories podcast.

An image of Sophia Lebessis in profile with a piece of Inuit art beside

Episode 43

In this episode we meet creator Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed of ALCLA Native Plants, discover East Asian cuteness culture with ceramics by Mao Projects, and learn about Inuit Art with Sophia Lebessis.

An image of Patti Pon standing beside a river

Patti Pon

Patti Pon is a community leader and a champion for the arts in Calgary. Tune into this week’s podcast to hear more about Pon’s enthusiasm for the city’s arts scene and the people that make it happen.

An image of artist Jaqueline Huskisson painting on a window

Jacqueline Huskisson

Artist Jacqueline Huskisson considers how her artwork fits into the realm of narrative and how narrative can be used in alternate forms such as public art and beyond.


We’re so excited to be heading down to Missoula next week for the World Premier of ‘Iniskim-Return of the Buffalo’.  This is certainly the year of the buffalo as we’re one of three films about buffalo that got shortlisted for the Big Sky Award.

‘Iniskim came about because we knew we needed to celebrate the return of the buffalo.  Soon after that I had a chance meeting with master puppeteer Pete Balkwill. The rest is history.’ Amethyst First Rider- producer of Iniskim-Return of the Buffalo.

Details of our screenings at Big Sky Film Festival in Missoula Montana
Feb 22 at 2pm ZACC Theatre
Feb 24 at 2:45 ZACC Theatre

Iniskim- Return of the Buffalo : Trailer



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