Lanre Ajayi points at his poppy at the Remembrance Day at Memorial Park

Remembrance Day

Visiting the ceremony at Calgary’s Memorial Park, My City Speaks To Me took a moment to reflect on the day’s meaning and capture some of the traditions.

Lanre Ajayi at Beakerhead


An exhibition of awe-inspiring artworks, and contemporary curiosities, join Lanre Ajayi for a look at Beakerhead’s Spectacle.

Dean Paul Gibson and David Haysom working through a scene on stage at the University of Calgary

#yycLCL November 2019

A co-production with The Shakespeare Company and the School of Creative and Performing Arts, Hit & Myth shared this awesome behind-the-scenes shot.

A photo of Harpreet Dayal against a mural in the East Village

Harpreet Dayal

An artist, learner, and believer in the power of art to build connection, cultivate love, and heal, Harpreet Dayal is the founder of the Love Notes Project.

Lanre Ajayi speaks to a performer at GlobalFest


Showcasing Calgary’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence, Lanre Ajayi swung by Alberta’s most explosive festival to get a taste of the celebration.

A photo of Brian Brennan

Brian Brennan

When Brian Brennan moved to Calgary in 1974, he had no idea thousands of theatre reviews, feature stories, obituaries, and 16 books were ahead of him.

Lanre Ajayi at Country Thunder

Country Thunder

North America’s premier touring country music festival, Country Thunder rolled back into Calgary this summer and Lanre Ajayi was on hand to capture it.


"snack bitch: cow life"

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Watercolour abstract patterns. I love coming out to paint and enjoy the sun, the sound of the wind its just so peaceful and relaxing

What are you upto to today?

Patrón abstracto en acuarela y tinta sobre papel. Me encanta salir y pintar en mi patio, disfrutar del sol 🌅 del sonido del viento es tan relajante...

Y tu? Que andas haciendo hoy?

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