Sable Sweetgrass

June is National Indigenous History Month, and Sable Sweetgrass, Director of Engagement and Reconciliation at Calgary Arts Development reflects on all that is happening, from…Read more

Harvey Nichol standing in front of brightly painted skateboards

Harvey Nichol

Artist Harvey Nichol's practice grew from graffiti art and street art into an impressive creative output that combines traditional practices and late modernist styles and…Read more

Słavek Petraczyk

Słavek Pytraczyk

Słavek Pytraczyk is an artist with an interest in architecture, spaces and in the overlooked and seemingly insignificant details around him. Tune in to The…Read more

Stacey Perlin laughing next to a plant

Stacey Perlin

Stacey Perlin and the Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing offers those struggling with mental health issues support and inspiration by starting positive and constructive conversations.Read more

Photograph of Sydonne Warren

Sydonne Warren

In this week's Storytelling Podcast, learn how artist Sydonne Warren transitioned from interests in architecture, design and social media influencing to public art and mural…Read more

Photograph of Col Cseke

Col Cseke

Col Cseke is a community organizer, playwright, director, storyteller and the artistic and executive director of Inside Out Theatre. Learn more about Cseke's capacity for…Read more

Eric Moschopedis wearing round, black-rimmed glasses and a green hoodie with a yellow button that reads Peace is Everyone's Business.

Eric Moschopedis

Interdisciplinary artist Eric Moschopedis is known for challenging assumptions — and bylaws — through art. As one-half of the duo Eric & Mia, his ultimate…Read more

Kathryn Pearce

Kathryn Pearce

A longtime champion of the arts in the city, visual artist Kathryn Pearce's interest in making meaningful spaces that people want to be in is…Read more