#yycLCL May 2016

Three performers with blacked out eye makeup stare into the camera
#yycLCL Photo of the Month: May 2016 | Photo: Bianca Miranda

#yycLCL May 2016

This photo is from the remount production of One Yellow Rabbit’s Radioheaded Three.

My best friends and I, who are pictured, are all recent graduates of the UofC drama program and have been invited to join this remount. Some of the people in the ensemble have been part of this tradition for a number of years but they welcomed us with open arms and immediately it felt like family. There was so much trust, passion and dedication in what we were doing . The shows themselves were easier to do because everyone gave their all and we were all together throughout this journey.

I feel like that encompasses Living a Creative Life—diving into the unknown and coming out of the experience with a whole new family, a bigger heart and much more nourished soul.

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