Sandi Somers

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Sandi Somers | Photo credit: Neil Zeller

Sandi Somers

Multi-disciplinary artist brings her talents together to create and inspire

She’s an award-winning filmmaker and director, a theatre maker, a mentor, the creator of a re-imagined Herland, Sandi Somers is also a past recipient of the Doug and Lois Mitchell Outstanding Calgary Artist Award. Having started her career in visual arts and theatre, then moving into film, Somers saw how film could incorporate different aspects of the arts.

“When I came across film… I started realizing that directors have this amazing capacity of looking at so many elements and bringing them all together into one voice, and I was quite intrigued by that in itself. It also allowed me to bring in all the other disciplines that I had in a new and exciting way.”

Somers feels that a lot of her stories deal with connection and how we connect, a theme that runs throughout her work and continues to inspire her. 

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear more from Somers as she talks about her creative practices, what led her to filmmaking, the importance of mentorships, and how awards and accolades can help spread the love.

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