Welcome to our Fieldnotes

Welcome to our Fieldnotes

Observations, thoughts, and tips from Calgary Arts Development's staff and board

Ever wondered about the inner workings of Calgary Arts Development? Have you wanted to know more about our processes, programs, and projects? Welcome to our fieldnotes—a new section where we can explore and share some of these behind-the-scenes tidbits.

More than a typical blog, fieldnotes offer our staff and board a chance to share observations, thoughts, and tips in their own voice. Open ended and free flowing, check back weekly to get a better taste of what we’re working on.

You can even suggest something you might want to know more about by emailing news@calgaryartsdevelopment.com.

Amy Jo Espetveidt is the Content Manager for Calgary Arts Development. An internationally published photojournalist, she balances her time between writing and shooting, aiming for a healthy mix of both.

She has a deep passion for both the arts and Calgary, combining them in volunteer commitments and work.

Amy Jo manages all of the online content for Calgary Arts Development. As for the best part of the job—it’s sharing all the awesome events and opportunities taking place in our community.

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