YYC What’s On

YYC What’s On

A simplified, searchable, and free events calendar

Launched just last week, YYC What’s On is a simplified, searchable, and free events calendar highlighting Calgary arts and culture events. Operated by the team at Calgary Arts Development as a resource for our city’s community of artists and presenters, it’s your chance to experience Calgary live.

The site is supported by an advertising and social media campaign, and we hope this new platform makes it easier for Calgarians to find out what is happening around the city.

Experience Calgary Live. yycwhatson.ca.

Getting your event included is simple! We just need to know all the details!

Let us know about your shows by tagging us and adding us as a host on Facebook. You can also fill out a submission form at calgaryartsdevelopment.com or email us your photos and press releases at events@calgaryartsdevelopment.com.

Submitted listings are shared both on calgaryartsdevelopment.com and yycwhatson.ca as well as on Twitter at @yycwhatson.

While the site is still in beta, we aim to have all listings published at least one week ahead of the event and hope to have the calendar stocked with months of upcoming shows by the end of the year. You can also add us to your mailing lists and we’ll be sure to add your events as soon as we can.

Please email us at events@calgaryartsdevelopment.com if you have any questions!

Amy Jo Espetveidt is the Content Manager for Calgary Arts Development. An internationally published photojournalist, she balances her time between writing and shooting, aiming for a healthy mix of both.

She has a deep passion for both the arts and Calgary, combining them in volunteer commitments and work.

Amy Jo manages all of the online content for Calgary Arts Development. As for the best part of the job—it’s sharing all the awesome events and opportunities taking place in our community.

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