Artists in the Workplace: Sample of Expression of Interest

Organization History (one page maximum):
Tell the landlord about your organization.

  • Mission statement.
  • A brief history of the organization including years of operation.
  • Describe the organization’s current programs and services.
  • Provide information on any awards, successes and relevant impact statistics.
  • What is the size of your current location and how much is the rent?

Statement of Interest and Experience (one page maximum):
Tell the landlord about why you are the right organization for their space.

  • How will the use of this space be leveraged by the organization?
  • Why is the organization interested in space at this particular location?
  • How does the organization align with the landlord’s mission/vision /business?
  • What is the organization’s experience working in a similar space?

Vision for the Space (one page maximum):
Tell the landlord exactly how you will use the space.

  • Describe exactly how the space is going to be used, including hours of operation and numbers of people. Will this be a primary location for the organization or a satellite?
  • Describe how many square feet are required, including any technical specifications and needs (i.e. lighting sound/floor etc.).
  • Describe any changes the organization intends to make to the space, if permitted.

For Artists

A three to five page (maximum) submission which sets out:

  • An outline of your space requirements, including how many square feet you require and any technical specifications and needs for the space (i.e. lighting, sound, plumbing, ventilation).
  • Describe how you will use the space, providing detail on your artistic practice.
  • A professional artist CV.

Learn more about this opportunity at or by contacting Joni Carroll, Arts Spaces Consultant, at or 403.264.5330 ext. 108.