Resiliency Fund

Resiliency Fund

Calgary Arts Development intends its granting process to be open, fair, and transparent. Calgary Arts Development has a responsibility to the citizens of Calgary to ensure the security and value of their investments.

These policies have been updated as of January 1, 2020.

Deadline Extension Policy

For organizations, individuals, and collectives who intend to submit applications or reports but will miss the deadline, a written request for extension must be received by Calgary Arts Development before 9:00am MST on the day of the deadline.

If a written request is not received in time, the organization, individual, or collective will be ineligible for that granting period. The request must state the reason(s) the application deadline cannot be met, and the date the application could be submitted. Acceptable reasons may include:

  • Personal health or family crisis.
  • Birth or death of a family member.
  • Unforeseen personal priority.

Calgary Arts Development publishes the program deadlines at the beginning of each calendar year and endeavours to share program information and deadlines broadly. Staff members are available throughout application processes to provide support, answer questions, and offer feedback. We encourage applicants to reach out at any point to request accommodations (through the Accommodation and Accessibility Policy) or support at any point prior to the deadline.

Unacceptable reasons may include:

  • Lack of awareness of the program deadline.
  • Poor planning or time management.
  • Overlap with grant deadlines for other funders.

Calgary Arts Development staff will review the request for extension. If the reason for the extension is acceptable, a deadline extension will be granted in writing. Extensions will only be granted if it does not affect the planned assessment process and schedule.

We also understand that circumstances cannot always be governed by policy. Requests made after 9:00am MST on the day of the deadline, or which do not fall under the acceptable reasons may be granted on a case by case basis.

Please reach out to or your program specialist at any point with questions or to request support.

Download the Deadline Extension Policy as a PDF

Accessibility and Accommodation Policy

Our team is available to answer questions and to offer support at any time during the application process. Staff can provide feedback up to one week before application deadlines. Please contact your program specialist as early as you can to ensure they can provide the best support possible.

See the Grant Investment FAQs for answers to common questions, and contact the program specialist as early as you can to ensure they can provide the best support possible.

Calgary Arts Development is committed to open, fair and transparent processes. We will work one-on-one with applicants who experience barriers to access to develop accommodations that suit their abilities. Some examples of accommodations are:

  • Translation of written materials.
  • Interpretation for meetings.
  • Grant writing assistance.
  • Braille transcription.
  • Physical access to meeting spaces.
  • Video or audio applications.

Contact or 403.476.2031 for more information.

Please reach out to or your program specialist at any point with questions or to request support.

Download the Accessibility and Accommodation Policy as a PDF

Disclosure of Grant Information Policy

Collection, Use & Disclosure of Grant Information

Personal information is received by Calgary Arts Development from people and organizations who apply for grants, members of committees assessing applications, and many others in the course of its activities. Calgary Arts Development will never reveal personal information to any third party without your prior knowledge and consent, unless required to do so by law.

Information provided in both successful and unsuccessful grant applications may be used to plan, evaluate, and review programs. The information is also used for generating statistics for statistical reporting, studies, issue, and trend analysis. Information shared when reporting in these ways will be anonymized and only shared in aggregate.

No personal information provided in grant applications will be shared publicly without prior applicant consent.

Download the Disclosure of Grant Information Policy as a PDF

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