The Learned Ladies by Molière, Directed by Inouk Touzin | Photo: Citrus Photography

Inouk Touzin

Living in Calgary allows Inouk Touzin to be creative all the time—making him happy and fulfilled—and everyone should strive do the same.

Artstrek 2016's Exploration III Sharing Day | Photo: Courtesy of Theatre Alberta

Artstrek 2016

Alabanza, alabanza. Sung strong and proud, those few powerful words echoed the end of a life changing experience for a group of Alberta teens this week.

Sam Hester works on a graphic recording| Photo: Dave Palmer

Sam Hester

Sam Hester is so creative, she can transform a concussion into an imagination opportunity and a chance to focus on her own creative projects.

Rick Thomas is an unabashed believer in the transformative power of local life | Photo: Courtesy of Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas

According to Rick Thomas, one of a city’s greatest strengths lies in the collective ideas of its residents—and great cities find innovative ways to tap into that.

A woman stands next to a white picket fence

Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson has a ritual she observes every time she visits a city. “When I travel the first thing I do is take a food tour to orientate myself…”