Sheri-D Wilson | Photo: Andy Nichols

Sheri-D Wilson

Calgary’s very own spoken word impresario Sheri-D Wilson has added another chapter to her book of life. Wait for it—yes, she’s a marriage commissioner.

Calgary Reads founder Steacy Collyer gets young readers excited during a Reading Rally | Photo: Amy Jo Espetveidt

Steacy Collyer

Steacy Collyer wants to get your kid hooked on a book. She holds hard and fast that nothing ignites a child’s potential better than reading.

Community members get a bit mucky and help paste up portraits for Eyes on the Ave containR Installation | Photo: Courtesy of IAACC

Eyes on the Ave

If you’ve recently traveled along 17th Avenue you might have had a feeling of being watched as community portraits pop up in Forest Lawn.

Jill Tuttle is currently showing a collection of her artwork at Banbury Lane Design Centre in downtown Calgary | Photo: Courtesy of Jill Tuttle

Jill Tuttle

Not many aspiring filmmakers have a teacher with a side gig as a Bollywood dancer, but Jill Tuttle’s students at Henry Wise Wood High School do.

Shivani Saini | Photo: Marc J Chalifoux Photography

Shivani Saini

Shivani Saini grew up in Edmonton, painting and studying visual art. However, when it came time to go to school, she chose to study broadcasting.

Jill Drader | Photo: Maria Tsudon

Jill Drader

Jill Drader has always been a builder. Only now, instead of setting tiles, she helps reset people’s lives as a public speaker and leadership mentor.