Dan the One Man Band

Dan Duguay

Not many former street performers find themselves playing Carnegie Hall, but then again, when you learned your craft on the street, the distinction gets blurred a bit.

Photo of Dave Lawrence

Dave Lawrence

Dave Lawrence talks about his Fubar legacy, Calgary’s own Loose Moose Theatre Company, and Sundance Film Festival this week on Village Radio.

Photo of Ari Agha

Ari Agha

It’s a massive adjustment to transition away from the gender you were assigned at birth. But for a lifelong choir member, their voice must also transition.

Photo of Noni Doig

Noni Doig

Nature loving, soap making, natural skin care enthusiast Noni Doig’s life took an unexpected turn when she discovered an surprising passion.

Photo of Kandrix Foong

Kandrix Foong

Even the architect of the ultimate escapist weekend needs a way to get away from it all once in awhile. Just ask the man behind the Calgary Expo.