I Have Space

If you own or manage a space in Calgary and are looking for unique and interesting opportunities to activate, share or lease it, you’ve come to the right place. Consider listing your venue on one of the active space-matching platforms below.* If your space is temporarily empty, you might consider offering a Meanwhile Lease as part of our SPACEPILOT YYC Initiative. You can also advertise your space in Calgary Arts Development’s Classifieds — a free service for our arts community.

*In some cases, the platforms listed offer Calgary spaces an incentive if you use the link below to join.


Are you a building owner interested in hosting pop-up or interim events in your space? It’s easier than you might think..

Before you start

Navigate over to our Pop-Up page and decide what kind of uses you want to have from the list of approved Pop-Up uses. Then it’s time to do a little marketing of your space. Pop-Ups are pretty popular so it won’t be too hard to find individuals and organizations in your community that are interested in popping up.

Hot Marketing Tip: It sounds too simple to be true, but placing a large engaging sign in the window of your space can be one of the most cost effective forms of advertising that you can do. Let people know you’re open to Pop-Ups. Include the kind of use and duration you are interested in.

Social Media is Your Friend: Use your social media channels to expand your reach and find more people interested in the short-term use of your space. Share posts and tweets about this weekend’s Pop-Up to find next month’s short term user. Use strategic hashtags (#) to catch the attention of types of events you’d love to have in your space.

Next steps

Book a free ‘pre-application’ meeting with The City of Calgary’s Planning and Development team.

City staff have a nimble approach to these meetings and will schedule one within 3 days of hearing from you. The intent of the meeting is to re-confirm that a straightforward Pop-Up or Interim use is possible in your space (see notes on our Pop-Up page re: food preparation, alcohol and large spaces).