I Need Space

Types of Spaces:

Short term

Single Event

A one-time, planned gathering or occasion often lasting less than 24 hours total.

Examples: book launch, album release, one night film screening.

Pop Up

A short term booking lasting no more than 4 consecutive days and up to 50 days out of a calendar year.

Examples: seasonal fair or a weekend festival in a park.



A repeating event that can happen on a regular or irregular, consecutive or non-consecutive basis, but generally with a similar theme or set-up for each instance

Examples: A week-long run of a play, a monthly concert series, annual general meeting.


A temporary booking lasting no more than 6 months out of a calendar year, consecutively or non-consecutively.

Examples: a summer Shakespeare in the Park festival, summer children’s camps, office or co-working situation for a consultant on a project with a defined end time.

Long Term

Long Lease

A traditional use situation for an organization looking for space for their long term operations.

Examples: office or co-working space, studio, workshop, rehearsal room.

Meanwhile Lease

A great solution for agile groups needing space sooner rather than later.

Allows temporary tenants to take advantage of vacancies and lulls in property development, typically meeting sector needs for leases of less than a year or two.

Examples: Startups, arts groups not quite ready for a permanent space or unable to find something affordable in the short term.

If your space is temporarily empty, you might consider offering a Meanwhile Lease as part of our SPACEPILOT YYC Initiative.