Calgary Catholic Immigration Society New Canadian Artist Award

The Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) New Canadian Artist Award was established to recognize that artists from all parts of the world enrich Calgary’s arts sector. This award recognizes and supports an individual artist whose cultural background and relatively recent arrival to Canada present communication barriers, difficulties in transferring relevant credentials, and isolation from Calgary’s arts community. The award intends to help these artists pursue their artistic work and connect with the institutions and support networks that are available to all Calgary artists.

This is a $5,000 cash award, with funds intended to allow an artist concentrated time or access to resources or materials for their artistic work. The award will be presented to the recipient as part of the Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions event in March 2020. The winner of this award will also receive a paid residency at Calgary’s new central public library from June to August 2020.

This award was established by Calgary Catholic Immigration Society and Calgary 2012 and is a legacy project of Calgary’s year as a Cultural Capital of Canada.

About Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) sees 12,000 newcomers pass through their doors each year. With over 38 years of solid community experience, 90 active programs, and comprehensive wraparound support, CCIS ensures that their services respond to the needs of ethnically diverse communities in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Supporting all aspects of settlement and integration, CCIS programs and services are broken down into the areas of business, employment, and training, refugee resettlement, families and children, and community development. Its roster of 300 staff speak over 72 languages collectively, making it the largest immigrant serving agency in the prairies.

Award Rules and Criteria


Guidelines PDF (Updated October 16, 2019)
Nomination Form

Nomination Form

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Previous Recipients: Emma Bresola (2013), Roberto Rozo (2014), Hamraz Salehi (2015), Tayebe Joodaki (2016), Stephane Nouz (2017), Lanre Ajayi (2018), Samuel Obadero (2019), Aya Mhana (2020)

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