Col Cseke and Elaine Lee

Never Read The Mandate!

We artists are pretty good with words and have become adept at incorporating words like “Diversity” and “Engaging” and “Reflecting the Community” into how we describe our work and our companies. But, if you were to examine what we do, rather than what we say we do, would any of those aspirational terms come to mind? We’ll ask you to consider if these words have been rendered meaningless by dilution and misuse, and what happens when we focus on actions rather than conversation (through a conversation, it’s a trap!).

image – Elaine Lee

About Elaine Lee

Elaine Lee is a visual artist, writer and public speaker with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr University and a Certificate of Liberal Arts with theatre experience from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. Recently appointed Playwright-in-Residence by Inside Out Theatre, she is currently co-creating a new play Make Love Not Art.

About Col Cseke

image – Col Cseke

Col Cseke is a playwright director, performer and documentary-theatre maker with an interest in community generated theatre, non-fiction theatre and storytelling, and new work of all stripes. As a Disability Theatre ally, Col is the Artistic Director of Inside Out Theatre.