Municipalities Toolkit

Venue Recruitment Toolkit for Municipalities and Local Leaders

Welcome municipalities and local leaders. Thank you again for participating in SpaceFinder Alberta.

We want to take this opportunity to share ways that your organization can help recruit more owners and operators to list their venues on this free online tool.

We recommend building up the number of local venues before promoting it to people seeking space in your community.

What types of spaces can be listed on SpaceFinder Alberta? Any space that supports creative uses in our communities. For many Albertans, arts spaces are where the arts are presented to audiences. But spaces are needed for every link in the “value chain” from creation space, rehearsal space, production space, warehouse and storage space and office space through to presentation and performance space.

SpaceFinder Alberta lists spaces to support all disciplines, including dance, film, literary arts, music, new media, theatre, and visual arts. It supports community arts, professional arts, and education in the arts. Venues include educational, commercial, faith-based, industrial, and institutional spaces. They can be for-profit and not-for-profit; they can be downtown or in suburbs.

We’ve also included links to resources to help you support venues signing on to SpaceFinder Alberta. Check them out below.

SpaceFinder Alberta is waiting for you!

Warm regards,

Joni Carroll & Kari Watson

Handy Links

SpaceFinder Alberta
Background Information for Venues
SpaceFinder Knowledge Base
SpaceFinder Alberta on Twitter
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Promoting SpaceFinder Alberta

SpaceFinder Canada Brand Guidelines

In collaboration with Fractured Atlas, SpaceFinder is one of the many tools and resources that ArtsBuild Ontario (ABO) has brought to the arts and culture sector in Canada. SpaceFinder is unique in that ABO has partnered with regional organizations to bring the free resource to new communities where it is needed, including Alberta.

A helpful metaphor for the relationship might be one of a franchise, in which the parent brand is placed into different marketing contexts based on region. As a regional partner, Calgary Arts Development is expected to be insightful and creative with the context, stories and messages we craft.

Videos and Other Resources to Share with Your Community

Background Information for Venues
Introductory Video
Making SpaceFinder Work for You Webinar
RSVP for Upcoming Events
Encourage Members of Your Community to Sign Up for Newsletters
Help for Venues

On Your Website

Help spread the word and post a web button on your website. Web buttons can be used on any of your sites as long as they remain unmodified and link to the proper page.

Free to list. Free to search. SpaceFinder Alberta.    Free to list. Free to search. SpaceFinder Alberta.

The “Free to list. Free to search.” button can be used for organizations to promote SpaceFinder Alberta. The button should link to the SpaceFinder site at

If you have any questions on how to use these buttons, please contact Calgary Arts Development’s Communications team at 403.264.5330 ext. 201 or

We also recommend creating a SpaceFinder Alberta landing page on your website. Devoting a web page to SpaceFinder is a great way to promote the site. Here are some recommendations on where to put the SpaceFinder logo on your webpage and promote it throughout your website:

Where you can put the SpaceFinder logo on your site:

  • Homepage
  • Homepage slider
  • Programs
  • Side menus
  • Footer

How to use the logo:

  • Link it to your region’s SpaceFinder website.
  • Make sure users easily can see it.
  • Set an example! If you have a SpaceFinder listing, add the “Find our space…” button to promote your own space rentals. Make sure you link directly to your own SpaceFinder listing or organization page.

Find Our Space in SpaceFinder Alberta    Find Our Space in SpaceFinder Alberta

Sample website pages from local leaders include ArtsBuild Ontario and Calgary Arts Development.

If you have any questions on how to use these buttons, please contact Calgary Arts Development’s Communications team at 403.264.5330 ext. 201 or

Social Media

On Twitter, tag us at @SpaceFinderAB or use #SpaceFinderAB. On Facebook we will occasionally share information on Calgary Arts Development’s Page. Please follow us to stay up to date and share our posts, we will try do the same. Suggested shares include:

  • Use your accounts to let people know you are a SpaceFinder Alberta partner.
  • Share postings that are relevant to your area.
  • Showcase photos of spaces in your area and tag us in them. We’d love to share them.
  • Have an open house or an event where people can get to know you more? Let us know.
  • Have Instagram? Tag your images with #SpaceFinderAB.

Supporting Local Leaders in Alberta

Have questions? Need ideas? Email and check out the SpaceFinder Knowledge Base.

Key Messages + Facts for Venue Spokespeople

  • SpaceFinder Alberta: List a space. Find a space. For free.
  • This online marketplace links organizations with space to rent with those who need space.
  • SpaceFinder is a tool to help Albertans get more use out of existing space. Less existing space will go under-used less often.
  • SpaceFinder is an online marketplace for hourly, daily, weekly and long-term rentals.
  • SpaceFinder will strengthen the creative, non-profit and small business sectors.Calgary Arts Development, in partnership with ArtsBuild Ontario, Fractured Atlas, and Arts Habitat Edmonton launched SpaceFinder Alberta in Calgary in 2016 and in Edmonton in 2017.
  • SpaceFinder Alberta receives generous support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.
  • Many groups in the creative, non-profit and small business communities need space for meeting, creating, rehearsing, presenting, collaborating, gathering or celebrating. They spend considerable resources trying to find suitable and affordable spaces—and SpaceFinder Alberta can help!
  • SpaceFinder Alberta can help venues reach new renter audiences! Venues spend significant resources trying to find the right renters for their spaces. These might include commercial renters to cross-subsidize non-profit rentals, or it might be renters who fit the venue’s mandate (e.g., youth and education).
  • SpaceFinder Alberta will strengthen the creative, non-profit and small business sectors. From the user’s standpoint, SpaceFinder Alberta will streamline the search for appropriate and affordable space. It will bring more awareness to the community about your facilities and less space will go under-used.

Contact for more information.

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