#yycLCL January 2018 Photo by Lisa Tornack

#yycLCL January 2018

Art instructor Lisa Tornack has a simple process to live a creative life—take your time, build on your skill set, and enjoy the creative process.

#yycLCL October 2017 by Jane Finley

#yycLCL October 2017

Refusing to follow traditional rules and techniques, for Calgary-based mixed media artist Jane Finley the process of creating is a raw and humbling one.

#yycLCL Photo of the Month September 2017 by Michelle Wiebe

#yycLCL September 2017

For Cochrane-based artist Michelle Wiebe, if making things is built into a habit, it is easy to live life creatively. After all, she’s a maker at heart.


My next painting is all sketched out and I have the colour palette in my “Mind Palace”. The canvas is gesso’d, and here we have the underpainting and my grid. My reference sketch is also gridded. Next step: using the grid, I’ll use watercolour pencils to copy my sketch onto the canvas. Believe it or not, the orange-yellow part will be my sky, the purple will be my yellow flax field, and the violet in green the foreground will be green grass and a tree. ...

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