A photo of children creating in a studio

#yycLCL February 2017

After school playdates occasionally happen in Desere Pressey’s studio allowing her children a chance to splatter, pour, and play while she works.


#yycLCL December 2016

Watercolour artist Brittney Tough gets a snapshot of her morning workout—an hour of painting before she gets her day started with her job at Studio C.


#yycLCL August 2016

Calgary-based sculptor Joanne MacDonald sees the act of cutting, grinding, and welding as a way to quiet her mind and the outside world.

An open sketch book featuring people standing on a train platform with watercolours near by

#yycLCL July 2016

Stephanie Fowler uses urban sketching to live a creative life. She created this piece sitting on the CTrain platform on Parade Day.