Christi Dos Santos-Wing

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Christi Dos Santos-Wing


Christi Dos Santos-Wing

I am a Calgary-based actor, writer, and director. As a film and theatre actor, scripts are the foundation of my work. I take great pride in meticulously researching and understanding the writer’s created world in order to best empathize and embody a character’s state of being as if it were my own.

It is of the utmost importance to me to be authentic and to have a relevant, thought-provoking impact on the audience.

As a writer, I focus on narratives which resonate with our ever-changing political, economic, and social climate while challenging deeply rooted patterns of behaviour. I am intrigued by Albertan’s stories and our unique challenges. Furthermore, I take pride in highlighting female perspectives, and delving into themes around women re-evaluating and claiming their space in the world.

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